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Plug the communication leaks.  Focus and focus some more

Develop a database of clients and potential clients.  Divide them into categories based on elements such as geography, sex, language and service they are likely to require.  Keep this database up to date and segment it as much as possible with any additional information you can gather.  Utilise this information in developing your marketing approach.  This enables a focus that ensures you are providing the right message to the right target audience.

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Feed the new business pipeline – use the right channels

Once you understand your target market you need to develop the appropriate promotional mix.  The promotional mix is the mix if activities which when combined best achieve your marketing objectives.  For example, if you are planning a party and want to warn your neighbour in advance, you may ponder whether an SMS or a note under his door would work best.  The same applies for how you talk to your target market.  Don’t use inappropriate ways of communicating to your audience as this will result in a waste in your precious marketing budget.

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Time for a Chillibush communications effectiveness study?

Getting good results from marketing, advertising and stakeholder communications; results that support your business objectives, requires that you use communications channels effectively. Your overall approach to communications should have continuity and strategic focus, and your message should be fresh, clear and reach the right audiences. But how do you know how you’re performing; what your stakeholders need, and where the gaps are? Read more »

A Woman of Note

daleDale Hefer started advertising/PR agency Chillibush Communications from a suburban garage in 1998 as a one-woman show and has grown the company to a team of 30 plus, with an estimated turnover exceeding R80 million. Chillibush has been voted a top three small agency by both the financial Mail and Finweek.

Hefer has successfully carved her name in tough business world and working environment. She is a hardworker, nurturer, mentor and a woman who inspires other women to believe that anything is possible. She is not afraid to take on challenges, viewing obstacles as opportunities. She is the mother of four-year old twins.

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Chillibush features in the Big Small Business Show – Summit TV

The Chillibush team was proud to be interviewed for the Summit TV Big Small Business Show recently, which will air from Monday 6th May. Read more »